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The Chelsea Project is a collaboration between scientists, policy advisors, designers, and public health experts.

Core Team

Karthik Dinakar — Chelsea Project Founder & Research Lead and Machine learning and clinical medicine researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Barry Keppard — Chelsea Project Lead and Director of the Public Health Department at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC).

Dan Cortez — Chelsea Project Lead and Community Engagement Specialist at the Chelsea Hub and Chelsea Police Department.

Samantha Bates — Executive Director at the Cambridge, MA based nonprofit Center of Complex Interventions.

Flor Amaya — Director of Public Health, Chelsea.

Cristina Alonso — Health Equity Specialist, La Colaborativa.

Wastewater Collaborators

Lou Mammolette — City Engineer, Deputy Commissioner at the Department of Public Works Chelsea Massachusetts.

Nour Sharara — Public Health Scientist, Biobot Analytics.

David Bedoya —  Department Head- Water/Wastewater, Dewberry.

Agents Based Infectious Disease Modeling

Dhaval Adjodah — Computational Science & Machine Learning Researcher at Center of Complex Interventions.

Rapid Antigen Testing

Irene Bosch — Virologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Cherie Ramirez — Scientist at Simmons University.

Matthew Frank — Supportive Services Manager, Chelsea Housing Authority.

Paul Nowicki — Director of Operations, Chelsea Housing Authority.

Jose Arocha — Onsite coordinator.

Jorge Amaya — Onsite coordinator.

Sina Hoche — Doctoral Candidate, Harvard University.

Scientific Mentor and Advisor

Joe DeRisi — Molecular biologist and biochemist at University of California, San Francisco.

Governance Advisor

Kate McCall-Kiley — White House Presidential Innovation Fellow focusing on policy design and strategy.

We would like to thank the Reid Hoffman Foundation for their generous support of The Chelsea Project.